Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The following emails between Councillor Storey and Jason Harborow illustrate the rising tensions between the two over budgets, but also that Councillor Bradley; the Lord Mayor, Councillor Paul Clark; and Mr Hilton were also all aware of the problems faced by Mathew Street in March 2007.

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From: Fogarty, Sandra On Behalf Of Harborow, Jason
Sent: 12 March 2007 11:39
To: Storey, Mike
Cc: Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council); Hilton, Colin (Chief Executive); Green, Chris; Forde, Lee

Subject: Son et Lumiere - Mathew Street Festival

Dear Mike
I understand that a meeting took place between yourself, Warren, Colin and Chris Green on 21st February. At that meeting the Son et Lumiere was discussed and also Mathew Street Festival. As you are aware, the planning for one off events for 2007 took place in the second half of last year. At that time the Son et Lumiere event was not being considered. Following a request to look at this a more accurate budget was produced highlighting that £160k would be required to deliver the event, we were asked to look at the budget to see if this could be found and to increase the budget for the pageant and square activities on the 28th August.
Following a thorough review of the budget I regret to inform you that it is impossible to find this budget without looking to reduce the budget for the fireworks on 28th August, however, this would undoubtedly create a serious PR issue if a decent display did not take place.
I felt it was important to inform you of this as soon as possible.

In relation to Mathew Street Festival, there are other issues which I will highlight as soon as discussions with my colleagues are concluded. These do include serious logistical issues around the closing of major roads and the utilisation of space not normally used for Mathew Street Festival, these issues of course do not have an impact on the event taking place but may have on the duration.

I will provide this information as soon as possible.
Best Regards
Jason Harborow
Chief Executive

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From: Storey, Mike
To: Harborow, Jason
Cc: Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council); Clark, Paul; Hilton, Colin(Chief Executive)
Sent: Mon Mar 12 17:11:47 2007

Subject: RE: Son et Lumiere - Mathew Street Festival


Not happy about this. wondered why nobody was talking to me about this!
Amazing how we can fin £50,000 for Summer pops in Sefton and other non essential items yet the opportunity for Liverpool folk to celebrate the opening of St Georges Hall is pushed out. Would want to meet up tomorrow morning to discuss this and to go through the Budgets to find the money. This will happen


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From: Harborow, Jason
Sent: 12 March 2007 20:18
To: Storey, Mike
Cc: Bradley, Warren (Leader of the City Council); Clark, Paul; Hilton, Colin(Chief Executive); Green, Chris; Molyneux, Lorraine

Subject: Re: Son et Lumiere - Mathew Street Festival

Thank you for your note.
I am afraid I am not available tomorrow but chris green is.

The issue is we don't have this type of budget without cutting other events, which chris has already propised to you. Chris will contact you tomorrow to discuss

Best regards

Jason Harborow
Chief Executive

So Storey and the Harbarrowboy were at each other's throats in March 2007, in the familiar Liverpool battle for power between councillors and officers.

Storey wanted one thing - his Son et Lumiere pet project - without any notice and without any money being identified to pay for it.

And the Harbarrowboy was refusing to let him have it.

The scene was set....Storey's pet project would eventually get the £100,000 it needed, while the Harbarrowboy would then, in petty revenge, slash the Mathew Street budget by £100,000. The games people play with public money....

And of course that £100,000 budget cut then triggered the entire Mathew Street fiasco.


Anonymous said...

What a pair of tossiers

Tori Blare said...

The arrogance of Mike Storey, insisting, "this will happen", how dare he insist that Liverpool City Council go into even more debt so he could have his posh event that we the people of Liverpool have paid for and the only people who actually made any money from the event were Liverpool Direct Limited!
MCElhinney made on the event yet again?
Storey was the person who insisted on the event taking place?
Was it so his mate Macca could make some money?

Anonymous said...

So who runs the city then?

Why was Harbarrowboy allowed to slash budgets in the city's birthday year?
Who told him too ? why did he not slash other budgets?

The city had 800 years to prepare for this birthday so how come the little fat bloke can take the money and run?

Are the elected members just figure heads or are they the representatives of the people?

Why could'ent the Harbarrowboy have slashed the Culture year budget by 20 million and saved us a lot of grief.

Councillors are a waste of space and powerless to do anything srap them and save money.

Anonymous said...

Yes Mick You can eff off if you think your taking over again when Bradley's had the bullet

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing this one Tony's, it has helped me in my pay off claim!