Wednesday, August 08, 2007

FOOT AND MOUTH LATEST: Staff and council services suffer

Council staff from One Stop Shops are being diverted to Liverpool Direct to handle the DEFRA foot and mouth calls.

The rottweiller McElhinney is ordering them to do this within their normal working time, instead of overtime.

Readers will remember that the dirty, blonde-loving doctor, got round protests from councillors last time over the bird flu calls, by insisting council staff were collecting overtime.

This time there is no such deal.

This is illegal of course.

Council staff are doing work for someone else which they are not actually officially contracted to do.

But the Lib Dems are powerless to do anything about this breach of the terms and conditions for council staff.

And UNISON officials of course are in McElhinney's pocket so they will also stay schtum.

McElhinney is already infamous for treating staff like cattle, farming them out around the city and treating them with contempt.

This is his management style as an evil cabalist.

The result of him nicking council staff to do private work for LDL is that the One Stop Shops are short of staff.

The Dingle office had just five staff the other day to deal with more than 200 people.

So council services suffer while McElhinney prospers. No change there then.
Dr David McElhinney


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Boooooh you Evil Doctor Booooooo Boooooooooooo and Mooooo

Anonymous said...

But then the evil doctor isn't very nice, either....

Tori Blare said...

This is awful, the total, "I will do as I want" attitude of the bad doctor. He will continue to use council staff during their council paid for time, to work in none council areas of LDL. No-one will stop him, those who have tried have failed miserably and always will, the bad doctor is evil through and through but he is also not stupid, he will always cover his arse.

Anonymous said...

And this is how he has gotten around that annoying problem of the contract agreements, that he had to take over from the council, instead of using either a One Stop Shop employee, OR a
Call Centre Advisor, he simply creates a new post with a new contract, this one is part time to be located at the Call Centre or Any of the OSS.
Problem solved.
Tori is correct when he says that Macca will always cover his arse.