Sunday, September 16, 2007


LABOUR'S historic victory in the Warbreck by-election has served notice to quit on the mis-ruling Lib Dems.

A twenty-year unbroken run of Lib Dem rule in the leafy ward came to a spectacular end, with an astonishing victory for Labour's Richard McLinden.

He overturned a Lib Dem majority of more than 1600 votes, with a thumping 770 seat majority for Labour.

The swing to Labour was more than 33 per cent - a breathtaking achievement and a first for Labour in Liverpool.

It means that since taking over as Fib Dem Leader, Warren 'I'm only a fireman' Bradley has now suffered 12 separate defeats.

Labour, with no-nonsense Joe Anderson as Leader, has meanwhile chalked up a series of 16 separate wins in a row.

The result, which took even the most loyal Labour supporters by surprise, means that Joe Anderson could now grab back control of the city council next May.

And what a fantastic victory that would be in 2008 - the year of Capital of Culture which the Lib Dems have done so much to wreck with their cock-ups and bungling.

The Fireman Bradley was noticeably absent from the election count - he was advised not to turn up for fear that his bottle would go when he saw Labour storming ahead.

Lib Dems feared that he would lose control for the second time and again lash out during an official count.

So Bradley was kept in touch at a safe distance by the mastermind behind the Lib Dem's historic and crushing defeat - former councillor Richard 'Inspector Clueless' Marbrow.

Inspector Clueless comprehensively cocked up the by-election campaign - and his (and Paula Keveaney's, eds) glum expression at the remarkable result revealed his sinking realisation that comeback seats are fast disappearing.

Clueless's stupendously stupid by-election campaign reached the nadir of bad taste, when Inspector Clueless came up with the bright idea of getting a dead woman to promote the Lib Dems from beyond the grave.

(What? eds)

That's right - unbelievably, Clueless got the son of deceased councillor Joan Lang to write a letter to every elector in Warbreck proclaimning that it was her "dying wish" that Lib Dem candidate Richie 'I've got less than half a brain' Roberts should succeed her!

(Is there anything to which the Lib Dems won't stoop to try and hang on to power? eds)

This sickening little stunt backfired spectacularly when the voters told the Lib Dems what to do with their nasty little attempts at moral blackmail.

And delivered another resounding victory for Joe Anderson's principled Party.


Anonymous said...

love it love it love it

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I feel the winds of change are at last blowing upon us and we shall finally and mercifully be rid of this nellie administration and not a moment too soon

Anonymous said...

The Times, they are a changing

Anonymous said...

i dont think it was clueless who got richard roberts to send the letter out to voters in warbreck it would have been joans son as he always uses dirty tricks ask anyone in fazakerley where he has stood as a prospective councillor for a number of years (always gettting beat by the way, we have sussed the libs out a long time ago in fazakerley)

Anonymous said...

no you are right - it was joan lang's son who wrote the letter. but as agent, clueless is responsible and didn't stop it. he is legally, financially and morally responsible for all election activity. therefore he is culpable.

Tori Blare said...

The ONLY way to get rid of the Nellies with Wet Wellies is to VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!
Use your vote in May, get rid of them and give the Honest Joe Anderson and the Liverpool Labour Party the chance to save our City from financial ruin and public humiliation.
We may be famous for our wakki sence of humour, but this just is not funny at all.
Liberal Democrats have made me a laughing object like all other scousers!

Tori Blare said...

Lest old acquaintances be forgot for the sake of old Joan Lang

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems... Your pathetic ... your a disgrace ..... YOUR FIRED

Anonymous said...

I spotted him! At the fruit and veg market off Edge lane, loading up his car with bananas (?) And he looked suitably dog rough. Do i win a coconut?

Anonymous said...

Little dicky bird says that a certain chief exec and his financial sidekick were completely unaware of £125,000 of Council money promised by the ruling party for a community centre in a currently very high profile area of town.

Seems that, with the city facing huge financial problems, the votes and sound-bites were more important.

Surely even this shower would not use such a closely-watched and sensitive story for political gain??!

Anonymous said...

we think you should tell us nmore about this.....

Anonymous said...

Croxteth - promise of £125k for community centre (Echo, Oct 3rd)

So far - no minutes, no decision recorded at Council or at Cabinet. That's because there is no funding, In fact, some senior officials are apparently telling certain Councillors to stay away from the whole episode as the money does not exist.