Thursday, April 19, 2007


Liverpool city council's bald legal eagle has been left in a flap after he was snubbed for the job of City Solicitor.
Boring bureaucrat Michael Kenworthy, whose hair is as thin as his legal acumen, has been publicly humiliated by the council's decision not to appoint him to the job.
Kenworthy had been Acting City Solicitor since Graeme Careerist left last year after his disgraceful toadying to greedy Henshaw.
Creer's card was marked when he repeatedly snitched about the ruling Lib Dem group's plans to discipline Henshaw over his attempted coup d'etat.
So Creer then moved to a comfy job with Weightmans amid suggestions that he had used his council position to secure the job.
Step forward his No 2, Kenworthy, who had languished unnoticed and unimpressive in the wings of the Municipal Buildings for years.
The bald legal eagle decided to try and distinguish his chances by beginning his long, costly and ultimately doomed hunt for the legendary Tony Parrish.
This failed to endear him to anyone (except the cabal, ed) and only underlined his gross ineptitude for the top job.
Both the ruling Lib Dem group and Labour opposition were united in their low opinion of his skills, ability and judgement and have been determined to ensure he did not get the job.
The continuing saga over Bill Davies and his multi-million law suit over the Henshaw-inspired mess over Chavasse Park (another chicken coming home to roost, ed) only emphasises Ken(un)worthy's feebleness.
But his boss, the smiling assassin Hasitall, has seized the opportunity offered by the vacuum to suggest that the city council now try and buy in its legal expertise from surrounding firms in, for example, nearby Sefton. (Where Hasitall's mates live, ed).
Is Hasitall now trying to fix up another one of his well-heeled Tory mates with a lucrative council contract? Only time will tell.
Meanwhile Kenworthy continues with his hunt for TP (they seek him here, they seek him there, ed)
Or as one of our correspondents has wittily remarked: "The hunt for Tony Parrish reminds me very much of one of Elmer Fudd's hunting expeditions: 'Shhhhhhhh, be vewy vewy quiet; I'm hunting wabbits here.'"


Tori Blare said...

Who did get the job then?
If a contract goes outside of the council for legal assistance then I think some of our old Henshaw friends will get the work, I think given the past corruption and jobs for the boys and blondes.

Anonymous said...

Please could that go through Liverpool Direct as well please - we are able to offer competitve rates where we charge you 4 times more than the cost of it if you bought it directly

Anonymous said...

eeeeh Wasssup Doc?

Anonymous said...

To Dr Mce,
If we send the work to you will you do your usual and take a service we already provide, close that service down, take the same staff that run the origional service, chain them to the office walls and charge the council for the service their own staff were providing?
Will you then try and get all other services that the council still run?
Or are there any left to take?
Will you charge a fortune for the right to use a service we already own?

Anonymous said...

To Mildred

I wholeheartedly promise - Do I get the job? oh of course I do its in the bag, sorry envelope, isnt it !

Anonymous said...

To Drmce

We will have to get our legal team to look at it 1st, hahahahaha