Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Dear Sir,

Contributors to the Liverpool subCulture blog have made a number of practical suggestions about the £50million cuts which the city council could make without hurting the most vulnerable in the city.
We wanted to share their suggestions with Daily Post readers.
Amongst the most popular are to dispense with the services of the city treasurer, the chief executive and the gaggle of highly paid senior managers, since the cash crisis is their responsibility.
Other suggestions include getting back the £340,000 the city council paid the former chief executive Sir David Henshaw for retiring early, since he doesn't appear to have retired.
Scrap the hospitality budget, end the posh lunches and take away the posh cars the council pays for.
Stop paying Liverpool Direct Limited for the services they charge the Council.
Charge for the use of the purpose built shower on the third floor of Venture Place.
Demolish the pigeon loft at the back of the Municipal Buildings (saving £18,000)
Get our money back from Robyn Archer.
Scrap the neighbourhood services talking shops (controversial this one)
Halve the quangos in the city.
Put an immediate freeze on all performance related pay awards for senior managers, since they have obviously failed to perform.
Suggestions are still coming in and they will all be forwarded to the current Leader of the Council, Councillor Warren Bradley in his hour of need. We would welcome any more. Perhaps DPost readers might like to make their own suggestions?

Tony Parrish47
Liverpool subCulture


Anonymous said...

these all seem very reasonable suggestions to me. I thought that the council wanted suggestions how to get us out of the s**t without cutting services to the most vunerable in the city like they usually do

Tori Blare said...

Home Department
Community Policing: Liverpool
All Written Answers on 28 Feb 2007
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Jane Kennedy (Liverpool, Wavertree, Labour) | Hansard source

To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many community support officers working with Merseyside police within the Liverpool city council boundary are funded by (a) Home Office resources, (b) Neighbourhood Renewal Fund resources, (c) New Deal for Communities resources and (d) local authority resources.

Vernon Coaker (Parliamentary Under-Secretary, Home Office) | Hansard source

This information is not collected centrally.

The Home Office is providing £5.6 million from the Neighbourhood Policing Fund (NPF) and £1.4 million in other PCSO funding to Merseyside in 2006-07. This funding will assist the force in reaching its target of466 PCSOs by April 2007. All forces are encouraged to seek funding from a variety of sources including their local community safety partners to meet the costs of police community support officers (PCSOs). Police community support officers play a key role within neighbourhood policing teams in improving community safety. Community safety and the reduction of crime and disorder in all of our communities can only be achieved through effective local partnerships which include the police service and a range of others including the local authority, housing providers, and representatives of the voluntary and community sectors.

Now would that be a saving or not do you think?

Anonymous said...

I thought the Daily Post was supposed to be the paper that let the people's voice be heard?
Why didn't they publish this then?
Big BOO for the Daily Post.
Don't turn into another Echo!

Anonymous said...

I have just read with utter amazement the story in the Daily Post about the sudden resignation of David Waugh, chief executive of the Liverpool Land Development Company. It has been well known for some time that Mr Waugh's CV was, shall we say, at great variance with his actual experience. In other words he didn't do the things he said he did. The headhunters who were hired for his appointment never checked out his bona fides or references. This was, I must also point out, at the time of evil Henshaw who desperately wanted Waugh on board. So it was his bloody fault that we were sold a pup. There has been a lot of chatter recently in the city about Waugh, so perhaps it was getting too hot for him and he decided to jump before he was pushed. But quite why the Post should swallow the official press release about this is beyond me. And I haven't even mentioned the disastrous Edge Lane project which Waugh was personally responsible for.

Tony Parrish47 said...


Tori Blare said...

Do tell more Frank???

bennys-broke said...

David Waugh has been appointed as the new permanent General Manager of the Falkland Islands Development Corporation. Following interviews in London on 16 July involving the Corporation’s Chairman Councillor Richard Cockwell and FIG Chief Executive Tim Thorogood, the Corporation’s Board and Executive Council have confirmed the appointment of Mr Waugh.

Mr Waugh is likely to start work in October but will be undertaking a familiarisation visit to the Islands during August.

He has an extensive international business career focusing on property and infrastructure development, business improvement and regeneration. Past posts include Executive Project Director of the Canary Wharf Development in London, director of Trafalgar House/Kvearner and most recently Chief Executive of the Liverpool Land Development Company.

Mr Waugh is also a keen sailor, owning a 52’ sailing yacht which he is investigating bringing to the Falklands.

Councillor Richard Cockwell said “We had an exceptional field with some 60 applications of very high quality. After intensive interviews of the final six candidates Mr Waugh emerged as the strongest candidate based on his extensive senior experience and excellent all round personal qualities. I am absolutely delighted that the Falkland Islands have obtained someone of such ability who will drive forward our business development and key projects”.

The people of Liverpool seem to have had a different experience and bennys-broke would love to hear more of Davids adventures whilst at Liverpool,and the name or even a photo of his 52' yacht,etc,etc.You can also find a blog ...Falkland-Islands-Development-Corporation which will chart Davids new career !!

bennys-broke said...

Could Frank and all the people of Liverpool with a point of view on David Waugh, please add to the blog @

Anonymous said...

00David Waugh has had to withdraw from his recent appointment as General Manager FIDC following concerns that have emerged in relation to him being a total bull-shitter who was found out. The circumstances have been communicated to the Board and are fully understood. David is both sorry and upset professionally and obviously personally that this development has occurred.