Thursday, March 01, 2007


LIVERPOOL city council has spent £377,000 on a massive advertising campaign...for re-cycling!
The council, which has one of the worst re-cycling records in the country, has forked out a small fortune on marketing gimmicks which cannot even be re-cycled!
Councillors were astonished this week to receive surprise 'goody bags' to their Town Hall post boxes.
The bags, hundreds of which were sent around the city, contained a Liverpool Recycles 't' shirt, a small plastic blue wheely bin, a pencil sharpener, a rubber, a notepad, a plastic biro and a plastic cup, along with all the usual PR bumpf.
These were the wonderful marketing gimmicks dreamt up by some PR company, as part of a £377,000 campaign which is aimed at promoting re-cycling in the city.
With such little goodies there is usually at least a 100 per cent mark-up involved for the PR company which arranges them.
But quite why all of the city's councillors need to be persuaded to start re-cycling is beyond us - since any councillor with half a brain should be at the forefront of the campaign anyway.
We wonder did councillors notice the amount of plastic used in manufacturing these expensive little toys?
But the little goodie bags also went to senior officers, including chief executive Colin 'Cover Up', who authorised the spending, and treasurer Phil Hasitall, aka the smiling assassin, who has just warned that the council is virtually bankrupt.
Neither of these men apparently questioned whether these marketing gimmicks were the best use of council taxpayers money.
A council spokesman angrily defended the use of council taxpayers money on such gimmicks.
He said: "If we want to waste thousands of pounds on little plastic wheely bins, pencil sharpeners and rubbers, then so what?
"That's nothing compared to the millions the city council has already wasted on contracts with McElhinney's Liverpool Direct, as the chief executive has so usefully pointed out in the past."


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Anonymous said...

To Ken

What's brilliant? The fact that these oafs have wasted even more of our cash on pencil sharpeners and toy wheelie bins for themselves?

I have five mouths to feed and wish i could afford to give them toy wheelie bins and pencil sharpeners for a gimmick and a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Isnt it a leap of faith to assume that Councillors have half a brain?

If they had then it wouldnt be so easy for the Evil Cabalists to soften them up with flattery and gimmicks like this causing a distraction while they then raid the Council's piggybank in broad daylight!

Anonymous said...

Is plastic environmentally friendly?

Anonymous said...

What nonesense! They were not miniature wheelie bins they were full size ones for Sir Diddy and the cash recycling company The Diddy Diddler Partnership

Anonymous said...

Bin Bag

Do you think they will stick a sink plunger on the front and jump into them and drive around saying exterminate exterminate in their continuing quest for World domination?

Tori Blare said...

Back to being serious now, we can't get decent services, we can't afford the cost of care, we are the ones that suffer the lack of decent homes and services, the ones that pay the council tax!
What would you prefer, a decent home in a safe community, or a plastic miniature wheelie bin?

Anonymous said...

Doctor, if only they were armed with sink plungers. You have the wrong species. They are.......
The Borg. Resistance is futile you will be assimilated.