Friday, February 23, 2007


Anonymous said...

MS - As long as i get my picture in the paper first.

DH turns to DrMce and PH and other cabalists

DH - Nows our real chance to get away with some serious swag!

Tori Blare said...

Henshaw.... Brilliant that soft shite agreed to give me the money

Storey.... thank god I've got rid of that midget, I can now send information to the Echo about how naughty he has been

Anonymous said...

Cwikey Id bewwer get in vere ffast an twouser summm as weww

Anonymous said...

Storey: gush gush Hey Dave didnt i say we were a great team when we get on so well then what could go possibly wrong gush gush - We will go down in history as the best thing that ever happened to the City gush gush gush smile wheres that camera? gush gush

Dark One : Hmmmmm time to take even more advantage