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Hi Tony.

Thanks for your support.

I attended a meeting in the North of the city last week organised by the Liverpool Care Slaves United.

Over 100 people showed up and we met a local labour councillor Joe Hanson.

I spoke to carers from all different parts of the city who are all in the same position - facing about 30% PAY CUT !

The Labour Party can't believe that the council are trying to force such cuts through on the private sector workers and they are vowing to help us in our struggle for equal rights of pay.

If you dont mind I would like to take this opportunity to tell other care workers that are concerned about what the council are doing to contact Joe Hanson.

His email address is

The same answers keep coming back on this when we ask why is the council changing the contract?

Answers.....1) The council are overspent and need to find more money to fund the Capital of Culture stuff. I would ask, why target the care services?

2) When they have come up with the idea of this new homecare contract, they have not thought through the knock on effect on the carers and workforce in the city. I would ask, who are the people making these decisions without speaking to us?

3) It is to increase efficiency and is better for the council tax payer. I would ask, why target just the private sector service? Home Help staff are being paid for their spare capacity and also get paid for their traveling time. District nurses and health authority staff get paid for shifts of work, that includes traveling time.



Tony, I say : CUT THE CULTURE BUDGET, NOT THE CARE BUDGET - and let us continue to do our job caring for the elderly of this city and giving them the time and quality of life they deserve.

Posted by Stanford88 to City of the Dead* at Monday, May 21, 2007 11:44:00 AM


Anonymous said...

A decadent civilization compromises with its disease, cherishes the virus infecting it, loses its self-respect.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Care Workers Pay.

Can I ask just a simple question ? Why me?
I am a care worker working for an independant Care Agency. I have a mortgage and 3 beautiful children who need all the things that children require. Like food, clothes,toys,outings etc act.

My pay is about to be cut by 30%. Why me?
My hours wont be guaranteed. Why me?
There is legislation against discrimination racial discrimination, age discrimination, sexual discrimination and lots of other discrimination.
Discrimination against private Agency care workers? Doesn’t exist and its rife.

They say it’s to save tax payers money. But why me?
Has anybody asked the tax payers why it should be me?
District nurses do the same kind of job. Why not them?
The ‘In House’ service do the same job. Why not them?
Age concern do the same job. Why not them?
Other big charities do the same job. Why not them.
Its all paid for by tax payers.

Cant get it out of my head. Why me?
Has anybody asked the tax payers do they want to save money on people who care for vulnerable people?
Has anybody asked the tax payers if it should be just me?
I will go home to my 3 kids to night they will ask.

Why you Mum ?


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Parish.

I am so mad about this.

My Uncle receives care from an agency.

I spoke yesterday with his main carers. They said that if the 30% cut effects them, they will have no choice but leave and find a new job that pays decent wages and offers them stable work. What will happen to my uncle then? If most of the carers in the city feel and act in the same way, who will care for him? I think that carers do a fantastic job and they should not be steamrollered over by the council because they want to save money on the capital of culture. Carers have mortgages, just like Warren Bradley. How would he react to a 30% pay cut?

We need our carers. Something has to be done to stop this nonsense. Reading through your web site, it appears that if the council stopped spending so much money on yachts, paying off its staff and incompetence we may stand a chance of looking after people like my uncle and at least give him some quality of life like he has now with the carers he knows and is used to.

Lets put some things in to perspective, if ONLY one of the councils officials is making say £150 000 per year, and they took a 30% pay cut, £45 000 would pay for over 1 years work of care for my uncle. On the other hand, how many carers wages do they have to slash for the same effect?

Capital of Culture or Capital of Vultures? Leave the carer workers alone. Their job is hard enough without people kicking the legs from under them.


Tori Blare said...

Thought you all should know, despite the private sector being told to take a 30% cut in wages with no minimum hours, the Council run in house home carers are being made redundant.
The work they did have was given to the private sector, no new work is taken on except for 6 weeks if you are just out of hospital. Most of the carers from the council do not have work to do, this is because the stupid adult services let the service run down on purpose.
The aim of the council is to get rid of all the carers, of what is termed generic, they cost too much in paying staff to go home and wait until they get a call with some work, or walking the streets, many have become so disillusioned they have gone off ill. This of course costs a lot of money, so lets just get rid of them!
This needs just as much publicity as the private sector.
Care in Liverpool is excellent,when allowed to give it.
The Capital of Culture should not be cut, the disgusting high wages of these so called heads of the council and the Chief Executive, this is wht should be cut.


Keep the pressure up Care workers, private and council.

If you are getting old, be very afraid as unless you have lots of money, there is nothing down for you.
Oh and lets not forget the Day Centres that the council are always trying to close down, Venmore Mews?
What has happened to that one?
Notice how the cuts in services for the elderly were not publicised until after the election?

Dirty Liberal Democrats, dirty dirty....

Anonymous said...

I am just a simple tax payer. I have nobody using the care services in Liverpool.I am sure I will need to use the serice at some time in my life.(Although I hope not) All I can ask is what the bloody hell is going on in Social Services in Liverpool? In House facing cuts.Private sector facing cuts.....everybody facing cuts.and they say the service is getting better. JUST WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON ?? (after all it is my money they are using)

Anonymous said...

I think that's right - we should not have to choose between Culture and Care. Both are important to people. What is wrong is the huge salaries for incompetent officials like Halsall and Hilton and Harbrow and the millions they have wasted on yachts and trips abroad and being sent back to school so they can find out how to do their jobs properly. We have seen no benefit.

Anonymous said...

I'll wager that someone somewhere in the City is doing very nicely thank you out of this and I bet that he or she is within the Evil Cabal

Anonymous said...

You bet your life someone is doing very well out of this and its not the service users or care staff.Its immoral

Anonymous said...

Every civilization when it loses its inner vision and its cleaner energy, falls into a new sort of sordidness, more vast and more stupendous than the old savage sort. An Augean stable of metallic filth

Anonymous said...

"Wherever you see a man who gives someone else's corruption, someone else's prejudice as a reason for not taking action himself, you see a cog in The Machine that governs us."

Tony Parrish47 said...

Let's not get too esoteric now - people's livelihoods are at risk here....

Pam said...

Glad somebody realises livelihoods are at risk.

Stanford88 said...

That’s right Mr Parish.

There’s nothing mysterious or cryptic about my 30% pay cut!

The only mystery I face is how I pay my mortgage and feed my kids from July !

Anonymous said...

I'm getting old and I'm getting very very scared at the thought of my arthritis getting worse and my sight not improving, I cannot get around much at the moment but I manage without help for most of the time. I know that soon,in maybe 3 years, I hope its not so soon, but I know at some time I will need someone to look after me and help me with my essential needs.
Who will help me then?
Some young girl just out of school looking for a few bob now and again?
Or will we all stand up now and tell the council ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The elderly of today are the very people who helped build the services the council is now trying to destroy.

Do we agree that our elderly are not important?

Is your Mother of no importance now ?
Why did your Grandad go to War?
Was it so he could be treated like dirt now?
Private or Council Home carers, we need to stand up for the elderly and show that sometimes the cost of a service should not be the first factor of consideration, cutting costs is not the answer in care, providing quality services using highly trained and committed workers, who actually care about the people the look after! This is the most important factor.

The most effective way of achieving a balanced budget is......?????

Colin Hilton Take a cut in your wages, I survive on £325 per week with 2 children, why can't you?

Phil Halsal.. You are supposed to be good at finances? Try this one for size then... take a cut in wages yourself! I know a mad idea, but just try it you will be amazed at how easy it would be for you, anyway your son can keep you in the custom you are used to, is he on the Sefton Pops?
All the other useless AED's of Liverpool City Council and the senior managers who don't seem to actual manage anything? TAKE A CUT IN YOUR WAGES FOR ONLY A YEAR AND WE WILL BE BACK ON TRACK!



Anonymous said...

Now its the In House care workers protesting.......Who the hell is running Social Services in Liverpool? Do they know what they are doing? Oh to be in need in Liverpool !!

Stanford88 said...

I have just got in from work and picked up the paper only to read about more protests, this time from the councils home help staff. I have done back to back shifts today and Im tired. I read comments like “communication breakdown” and “council management always say they do not know what is going on”.

Well it looks like their staff are in the same boat as us.

There appears to be the same old stories and cover up when the council “spokesman” says that there will be no job losses. I ask the social services bosses, whoever they are these days, to come and ask me and my fellow workers how many of us are going to leave and get new jobs as a result of the cuts they are introducing. We cant afford a 30% cut.

My home help friend is quite right when she is quoted in the paper “Whoever is responsible for this should be ashamed.”

The “spokesman” once again comes out with the same made up statements about consultation and representative groups. Let me tell you now Mr. Spokesman, you and your colleagues that are pretending to run social services have never consulted me about cutting my wages or hours.

They had better keep the home help service because they will need it when the private staff all leave to get better paid jobs!

I will be there to support your demonstration in six weeks – we should join forces and fight them together!

I’m going to bed now, cos while Im still a dedicated and loyal carer I need to get some rest as come rain or shine, hail or snow, Christmas day or Mothers day, I am at my first call at 8am.

At least I sleep with a clear conscience at night social service bosses!

God bless

Anonymous said...

astounding the way they are treating people
there priorities are wrong how can they make these cuts yet spend over a million pounds on things like the clipper yacht race ?

Stori Blare said...

Tony Hunter is the Spokesperson, and there WILL be job loses in the council run home help service, that is a certainty!
Please tell us more aboput the demonstration in 6 weeks time please Stanford88?

Anonymous said...

stori blare. If Tony Hunter is the spokesperson for social services who is the Director? I want to write and tell him what I think of his running of the Sham hes operating in Liverpool that is causing so much heartache for servuce users and care staff. Anybody know were I write to him?

Stanford88 said...

Thanks for your support stori blaire.

The demonstration I was talking about last night is the one mentioned in yesterdays Daily Post newspaper. It says “In-house home care workers say they are planning another protest in six weeks’ time, and say they will appeal for the public’s support.” I think that the union maybe organizing it. Unison?

It would be great if we can get a united front, with all care workers from both in house and private protesting against the council plans. They obviously don’t know what they are doing. If the council bosses would have spoken to us in the first place then we could have told them the effect their plans was going to have on us. Our service users ARE going to suffer cos we cant afford to take a 30% pay cut and still work as a carer. What part of that don’t they understand?

Perhaps they have thought it through and just dont care about care staff. They get paid massive wages and bonuses no matter what they do to us. I just don’t know.

The carers in the north of the city seem to have the right idea. Strike action maybe the only option left.

You say Tony Hunter is the spokesperson making all these comments about their being no problems and services will not be affected?

Tony Hunter, you and your workmates need to get yourself on a care induction training course, a moving and handling course, a food hygiene course, a health and safety course and get criminal records checks done because you may just be needed in some of my clients houses come July cos there aint gonna be any carers left, in house or private!

Oh, and by the way Tony, when you finish work after your first day as a carer and get home at gone 11pm like I used to, after a back to back shift of cleaning clients backsides, emptying their commode crying with a client and comforting them cos they have just lost a loved one and everything else I used to do as a carer, you will find a letter on your doorstep telling you that tomorrow you will get a 30% pay cut.

Will you go up stairs, kiss the kids goodnight, tuck them in and sit on your bed and cry at the injustice like I did?

You would do if you and your colleagues cared Tony Hunter.

Stay safe, united and pround my fellow workers.

Pat said...

Protests ! Strikes ! Carers on the streets, Service Users in wheel chairs protesting ! and they tell us its improving services? Just who the hell are the kidding ? Improving for who?

Pat said...

Its a good job we have you Tony Parrish47 to help expose whats going on in Care in the City.

Pat said...

Is Tony Parrish the 5th HORSEMAN OF THE APOCALYPSE I have to ask???...........The "Fifth" Horseman, Christ
Christ's return riding on a white horse and wearing diadems (rather than a stephanos) is described in Revelation chapter 19, verses 11 to 16:

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Pat said...

Any nominations for the Antichrist?

Please form a queue here..........

Pat said...

***Identity of the Antichrist***
A discerning person can identify the Antichrist by the number of the beast, specifically, 666 according to Book of Revelation 13:18 WHO IN THE SOCIAL SERVICES HAS 666 ON THEIR OFFICE DOOR ??

Anonymous said...

This year is the 200th anniversery of the abolition of the slave trade in U.K. Its also the 200th anniversery of the take over of the first country in the world, Haiti, by the slaves. Its about time somebody stood up for the rights of carers in the Care business.

Anonymous said...

Two hundred years ago in Liverpool if you walked down along Dale Street and along Water Street the offices of the shipping lines that took part in the pitful slave trade were situated. The occupants of those offices, the movers and shakers of Liverpool at that time,lived a grand life.Business thrived on the dastardly immoral, and sickening slave trade and the slaves who lived a life of misery. Whats the difference to-day? Those same offices are occupied by the movers and shakers of Liverpool at this time (Liverpool City Council) living a grand life. £100,000 + salaries not uncommon. THE SLAVE TRADE IS ALIVE AND KICKING IN SOCIAL CARE IN LIVERPOOL TO-DAY.


Stori Blare said...

Tony Hunter IS the director of Adult Services.
He is based in Millennium House,
After him it is Colin Hilton I guess.
He is based in Municipal Buildings.

The council have a complaints service as well, also in Millennium House in Victoria Street.
Go on the council web site for more information on who runs the City and look at the Health and Social care committee reports while you are at it, this will tell you who to write to on the committee, they have ALL been elected to look after the best interests of the city, so write to them and tell them what YOU feel is in the best interests of the electorate!
Well said to Stanford88, he/she has hit the nail on the head when describing the real effect it has on people who just want to help others and earn a decent living at the same time.
The truth about ALL of the cuts in this City is Henshaw and McElhinney raped the City and left us with the mess, Storey and his Lib Dem mates let them do it!
We are now paying for that mess and it is as usual the needy who are targeted first.

Anonymous said...

How can one person who is not even from Liverpool cause so much heartache to a Liverpool,loyal dedicated caring workforce across all sectors? In House service,Private Agencies,Housing Associations,are all effected.Most care workers are so giving and so loyal to the people they care for. How can some moron do this to them?
He/or she should be run out of the City fast.Or perhaps run over by a bus. Its outrageous.

Anonymous said...

I am from Canada. I plan to visit Liverpool next year for the celebrations to see the Beatles Cavern Club,Anfield,and all the buildings I have heard so much about.I have been reading these Bloggs and about the 'underbelly' of Liverpool.How can it be? A vibrant so caled 'world class'City with an undercurrent.Corruption! A city that can't look after the most vulnerable its elderly and children.I am begining to feel guilty about my choice of next years holiday.Can somebody tell me the truth? Buildings are one thing...... people are another.

Anonymous said...

I am a care worker. I consider myself a good carer.We need to alter whats going on in Liverpooland look after service users and carers. There is another Blogg worth seeing by need to express your opinions

Tori Blare said...

Oh dear it looks as though the council are going to have to re-think this one then?
What you gonna do now Tony Hunter?

Where are you going to get your budget deficit money from now Warren Bradley??

How are you gonna cover this one up Colin Hilton???

Where you gonnaget the funds for the Sefton Pops now Phil Halsall?

Anonymous said...

A thought just ocurred to me........Supposing there was only the Evil Cabal left on this earth......and no carers (They had gone to heaven)............. Who would look after who in the Evil Cabal? Who would wipe each others backsides? Who would lick each others backsides? Who would rob from the others? Who would stab each other in the back?................ Excuse me while I vomit.

Anonymous said...

Warren Bradley..Hope you parents dont need care now or in the future.Cos it looks as if they aint gonna get it.

Tori Blare said...

To the person from Canada, Please don't worry about coming to Liverpool the place is full of caring people who love the City so much they are prepared to stand up and have their voices heard at great cost as they could lose their jobs.
Anyway hopefully if you come to the City after May 08 Labout will be in power and they have pledged to clean up the City.
This means getting rid of all the EVIL CABAL

Anonymous said...

How can anybody be asked to take a 30% pay cut and to work exactly the same hours? Thats what it means. I work 8-00a.m. to 14-00. After 1st July I will work exactly the same hours and get 30% less. What kind of lunatic would do that?

Tony Parrish47 said...

Frankly I think it's time for a bit of non-violent direct action meself - and i don't mean the usual demo outside the Town hall which they will dismiss as rent a mob. I mean stuff like sit ins, occupying offices, civil disobedience. That would shake them out of their arrogant complacency. When fo they meet to announce how they have managed to cut £29million from the budget?

Anonymous said...

Tony Parrish47.........They dont seem to care about anything else.How can carers who look after the vulnerable be considered 'rent a mob'? Buy your right thats how they will view them. The people who brought these pay cuts about are the lowest of the low in society.Horrible people !!

Anonymous said...

People need to stand up and be counted and not pushed around by 'faceless' cruel, shoddy,greedy, B******s

Tori Blare said...

Liverpool City Council - Committee Details - Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee

TUESDAY 29 May 2007

* Councillors
* What's new
* Register of Decisions
* Elections
* Meetings and agendas

Main Content

Committee Details
Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee

* Browse meetings and agendas for this committee
* View contact details for the members of this committee

Committee Members

* Councillor Ron Gould (Chair)
* Councillor Hazel Williams (Deputy Chair)
* Councillor Elaine Allen
* Councillor Peter Allen
* Councillor Vera Best
* Councillor Barbara Collinge
* Councillor Frank Cooke
* Councillor Roz Gladden
* Councillor Jimmy Kendrick
* Councillor Doreen Knight
* Councillor Phil Moffatt
* Councillor Ann O'Byrne
* Councillor Richard Oglethorpe
* Councillor Wendy Simon
* Councillor Ritchie White
* Councillor Dave Antrobus (Executive Member)
* Councillor John Clucas (Assistant Executive Member)

Contact Information

Support Officer: Colette Sealeaf, Committee Secretary 0151 225 2428. Email:

Postal Address:
Municipal Buildings
Dale Street
L2 2DH

Phone: 0151 225 2428

Fax: 0151 225 2437



* Privacy Policy

Anonymous said...

Are all these people on this committee Lib dems or what?

Anonymous said...

Do these Coucillors really expect to get votes next time around ? It shows they care not a jot for the elderly or carers.

Anonymous said...

tony parrish47 History will show they only way they will change this appalling decision is direct action. Just think what elederly people and their families must be thinking. They must be worried sick.

Anonymous said...

There is one thing I really do not understand, the council has to find £29 million, it has been established that the council leaders believe the tax payers money is best spent on trips to Cannes and parties for the boys and not home care and decent housing. The Government has told the council it has to find the money itself.

In the times of the so called Militants, (most of the 47/49 were not Militants), the council was accused of failing to get £106,000 in government grants and were surcharged and thrown out of the Labour party.
If Labour could do this to their own at the time, why are they not intervening when the cost is £29 Million?
Peter Kilfoyle, Jane Kennedy and Bob Wareing are all still around, I know that Jane and Peter often highlight the problems of Liverpool to Phil Woolas, but what if any action is going to take place other than saying they are watching closely, does this mean anything?
Are they just going to watch as these idiots bankrupt our city?

Anonymous said...

Anybody know the names of these 'faceless' wonders who take these decisions? Tony Hunter is one.....Dave Antrobus is another..anybody know any more names? We need to let the people of Liverpool know their names and faces.

Anonymous said...

Maybe when the decision makers need care for their parents,friends or for themselves the carers can exercise their rights and refuse.

Anonymous said...

A society that can't care for its elderly has lost its way.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt,corrupt,corrupt,corrupt,corrupt,corrupt,corrupt,corrupt,corrupt,corrupt. Taking money from the elderly BLOODY CORRUPT !!!

Anonymous said...

Not all of the councillors are Lib Dems there are a few Labour and Liberal, However these parties did not vote for the cuts in care, the Lib Dems pushed it through, they have the majority rule over the whole of the council, the committees reflect this, therefore when they want something to go through then it goes through, don't blame the minority parties here it is all the Liberal Democrats doing.

Anonymous said...

I am an exiled from Liverpool living in Austrailia.My Mum is still in Liverpool receiving care. Her carer is wonderful.She does so much for Mum. She has been caring for her for over four years.She has just told my sister she can't go on in the job with the new pay rates.She will be leaving the job next month.Just what the hell is going on? My Mum and Dad have paid tax all their lives. They have paid rates in Liverpool for over 60 years.Dont they deserve some consideration?

Tony Parrish47 said...

So far 50 comments have been left here. Which quite takes us back to the long hot summer of 2006, when the first Tony Parrish's blog was causing mayhem all over the place, the council were really getting their knickers in a twist and behaving predictably stupidly and lots of comments were flooding in. It's good to see the spirit of Liverpool still alive and kicking. We are thinking of creating a special post where people can express their views specifically on this issue. We shall call it the Voice of the People. And we will invite anyone who feels strongly to post their comments. We shall try to illustrate the comments with suitable pictures. If anyone would like to help with these, then please email pictures to us in the usual way...What do you think? Good idea?

Anonymous said...


Heres the brains behind it :--

Reporting officer: Eleanor Brazil,
Interim Director Integrated Adult Health & Social Care Commissioning

Contact officer: Eleanor Brazil – 233 5368

Reports to: Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee

Subject: Older Peoples Joint Commissioning

Keep asking the questions and you will get to the truth !

Anonymous said...

Tony parrish47 Thats a good idea.These people just think they can take these actions. not justfy their actions,take their megga bucks of pay and let general people just get on with it.They should be accountable to the people.They should be hung out to dry.Awful,awful people.

Anonymous said...

pc. What you mean 'brains behind it'? you mean lack of brains behind it? Its absurd.

Anonymous said...

pc. You said Reporting officer: Eleanor Brazil,
Interim Director Integrated Adult Health & Social Care Commissioning
Who does she work for ? The Council or Health Service?

Anonymous said...


Who DOES Interim Director Eleanor Brazil work for?

Social Services?

Perhaps, even, none of the above…..

Keep asking the questions and you WILL get to the truth !

Anonymous said...

Leaders are supposed to be in the forefront in the fight against corruption by leading their people by example. The moral standing of any society is determined by the integrity and honesty of the leadership. Exactly what is a corrupt, depraved society? It is a loss of moral values, moral knowledge and moral sense.
It is Liverpool!

Anonymous said...

tony (parish - not hunter!)

knowing the council like i do, the workers need all the help they can get. Another dedicated page may be helpful.

the council must learn that they cant treat folk like this.

the care workers in this city are a valuable resource – but it appears so valuable that the council is cashing them in.

the city council/pct must rethink this one, for the sake of the service users and care workers.

Anonymous said...

Unless political parties ascribe to the basic conditions of honesty, truthfulness, a commitment to democratic governance, a clear vision and are committed to transparency, it will be impossible to fight corruption in Liverpool, no matter which political party is in power.

Anonymous said...

pc. Is this some secret or something ? Well just who does she work for? And what does Interim mean ?

Stanford88 said...

Congratulations on attracting so many comments Tony.

It’s good to be able to tell others of the way council is treating us. I will certainly post news and comments to it !

Guess what? – more bad news !

I bumped in to one of the ex office staff where I work today. She said our company had lost a few of the areas that we are working in because of the new contract and this would affect my blocks.

It appears that I have to go and work for another new care agency if I want to stay with my service users.

What are the council trying to do to me?
What are the council trying to do to the people I look after?
Are they deliberately trying to upset us?
Are they deliberately picking on us?

First of all, a 30% pay cut, secondly, IF I manager to stay a carer, I will have to transfer to another care agency because of toopee to stay with my service users? I don’t want to change agency.

I am happy with my wages, I am happy with service users, I am happy with the agency I work for.

Are all these changes for the good? If so perhaps Curly, Larry and Mo (AKA Antrobus, Hunter and Brazil) be able to tell me how?

I have served this city as a loyal carer for a number of years (on less money than them). I think I am entitled to some explanation.
PS I am a council tax payer - so I am demanding an answer !

Anonymous said...

To PC,
Just TELL us who to ask and stop acting soft

Anonymous said...

I am a social care manager. I just can't believe where they are coming from on this one.How can they disrupt so many vulnerable people?

Anonymous said...

Here is the goon responsible:-Reporting officer: Eleanor Brazil,
Interim Director Integrated Adult Health & Social Care Commissioning

Contact officer: Eleanor Brazil – 233 5368
Wonder if she is taking a 35% pay cut?

Anonymous said...

Why do we need two Directors of Social Services on £100k plus a year? Isn't one enough?