Thursday, January 11, 2007

Colin 'Cover Up' finally admits: "TONY PARRISH TOLD THE TRUTH"

Liverpool city council have finally admitted that Tony Parrish told the truth on his legendary liverpoolevilcabal blog.
The admission comes in a confidential report compiled by the city council's own internal audit department and endorsed by chief executive Colin 'Cover Up' (Colin Hilton, ed)
The 12-page report sets out to try and prove that the
city council's former media chief, Matt Finnegan was the real Tony Parrish.
Readers will recall that Finnegan had worked for the council for six years as Director of Communications before Henshaw suspended him on trumped up charges over his pension row with council leader Mike Storey.
The internal report was leaked to the Liverpool Echo before Christmas by the city council's smiling assassin, Executive
Director Phil Halsall (left) in an unsuccessful attempt to try and damage Finnegan.
The Echo however chose not to swallow the bait and pointed out the report was littered with half-truths, speculation and conjecture, the council itself admitting that it was inconclusive.

However, what has surprisingly been ignored is the report's description of events within the council which lead to the sudden appearance last summer of the liverpoolevilcabal blog.
For the first time, we can reveal the circumstances in which the legendary Tony Parrish gave birth to the blog.
And they give a fascinating insight into what was going on inside the Municipal Buildings soon after Sir Diddy (chief executive, Sir David Henshaw, ed) was made to walk the plank and retire early.
One page of the report is headed: Access to Council Material

It describes how five Freedom of Information email requests were made by "Tony Parrish" to the then acting chief executive Colin 'Cover Up' (Colin Hilton, ed) on 20th April last year. (Henshaw had departed on Marc
h 31st, ed).
The extremely detailed questions, which were
about The 08 Place, The Summer Pops and internal audit's lack of activities, requested official documents about all three. (The council has still failed to respond - a flagrant breach of the law, ed)

But the internal report goes on:

"One of the five emails...asked for documentation relating to the sub tenancy of The 08 Place. Although, at that time there was no evidence as to the identity of Tony Parrish, the belief was that these requests had been provoked by information provided by council sources. " (You betcha bottom dollar, ed) In an email to those involved, the chief executive (Hilton, left) stated: 'I received five requests from the same person under the Freedom of Information Act in relation to this complaint and The 08 Place. In view of the information in the requests it is reasonable for me to believe that only those directly involved could have supplied information to this third party ." (Our hero, Tony Parrish, ed)

So, you will be asking, who were those 'directly involved'?
Well, Colin 'Cover Up' was o
ne. The now discredited and pensioned off Head of Internal Audit, Gerry Callaghan was another.
And there were two councillors - former leader, Mike Storey and current leader, Warren Bradley. (Take your pick folks, ed)
All four had met to consider allegations made about The 08 Place, Henshaw blackmailing the city, The Summer Pops, The Kensington One Stop Shop, etc, etc.
(It is revealing, isn't it folks? that Hilton already appears at this point to have been more interested in trying to trace the source of the leak than properly investigating the specific allegations which had been made at such a senior level.
Warren should have been warned then, ed)
It was thus as a result of Hilton's failure to respond to lawful questions and to properly act against corruption and criminality that the liverpoolevilcabal b
log was born.
Clearly Tony Parrish was determined that the evil cabal should be publicly exposed.
So that's when all the fun started.
The report goes on to say:

"A significant amount of the material on the liverpoolevilcabal website related to Council business that was not in the public domain or public knowledge. Examples not necessarily exhaustive, include:
  • Allegations in relation to 08 Place, which contained detail that was only available to a handful of individuals within the city council (guess who folks? ed) including a reference (27th July 2006), to detailed documents being presented to the Chief Executive and Head of Audit. (ah-ha, as Alan Partridge would say, ed)
  • The posting of 3rd July (told you they were following every word, ed) which reproduces extracts of Councillor Antrobus's account of events, referred to on the website as "Henshaw's attempted coup - by Coun Antrobus") (This was Henshaw threatening to report Storey to the Standards Board unless he quit, ed)
  • The postings of 21st and 22nd July which reproduce extracts of Councillor Clark's account of events, referred to on the website as "Henshaw threatened Storey's job - shock new evidence" and "Henshaw's blackmail note". (Aaaaah, this takes us back to exciting times, ed. As the sun beat down, Tony Parrish lazed about with his laptop, sipping Chablis and detonating one grenade after another as the stunned council recoiled. It was almost Dickensian in its scope and cast of sordid characters as the seedy underbelly of Henshaw's evil cabal was revealed in all its full horror, ed. Those were the days, ed.)
  • The Cream proposals for running the Summer Pops. (This was the attempted stitch-up with CMP and the Harbarrowboy, ed)
It is reasonable to conclude that material such as this could only have emanated from Council sources" the report concludes, (with amazing insight, ed).

Here's the thing though - what was Hilton doing about the allegations which were emanating from such senior council sources? (Bugger all - he banned the blog instead, ed)
'Cover Up' was clearly aware of the allegations being made - particularly about Henshaw blackmailing the city council, but repeatedly failed to call in the police to investigate. Why not? (There could still be more developments on this though, watch this space, ed)
So there you have it.
Tony Parrish was being fed confidential information from inside the council by 'you know who', decided it should be made public and not covered up by Colin.
The blog was born.

And that started the city council's witch hunt against TP (banning the blog to the public, threats of writs, letters to Google, the smiling assassin's pathetic letter to the Information Commissioner, Inspector Clueless wandering around scratching his head, etc, etc)
Oh what fun it all was.
And there's a nice little postscript.
The confidential report can barely disguise its disappointment when it describes how it had intended to raise all this stuff about confidential information with Mattie Finnegan (below) to: "ascertain if he could provide any information or shed any light as to the source(s)."
(We can imagine his direct two-word response to this particular enquiry, ed)

But he thwarted them by upping and resigning in disgust before they could question him. (Apparently Callaghan had been practising his 'hard cop, soft cop' routine in an office mirror for weeks in readiness for this confrontation, ed)
The report concludes:
"In the circumstances, in the absence of any further information, it is not possible to draw any conclusions as to the source of Council material used in e-mails or on the liverpoolevilcabal website."
And we daresay that there are one or two senior people at the city council today who are gratefully breathing a huge sigh of relief.
(We just thought you should know the truth....ed)


Anonymous said...

It has now all become clear. Thank you. What a disgrace it has all been.

Anonymous said...

I thought that Paul Brant had asked these questions and that when he got the answers he was going to show them to the press but not a whisper - whatever happened to them

Anonymous said...

Cover up and Bradley of the Wet Nelly's you whould be absolutely ashamed of yourselves - You are the weakest links

Anonymous said...

What about Storey? - he should be hanging his head in shame at his political and personal weakness. What he and Bradley allowed to happen is an utter disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but TP at least has the consolation of knowing how much damage he has done to henshaw, halsall and McElhinney - they will never live this down now, it will always be with them. The evil cabal will go down in folklore and haunt them forever. It showed that they can't get away with thgeir corruption and all their nasty vicious little tactics anymore whether with henshaw in the health service or McElhinney in Liverpool Direct or halsall with his mate Chas. Cos someone somewhere can start a blog up at any time and have them. Halsall leaking the report to the Echo just shows how wounded he has been by it all and that it has affected his judgement. He will have a cloud over him for the rest of his so-called career at the council. And the ravings of that nutter friend of Mcelhinney's from southend on the xmas quiz show the same. You scored a lot of hits Tony, you made your point, it was well worthwhile. Be proud of yourself. they won't want to pick a fight with you again in a hurry. As for Colin cover up the more we find out about his role in all this, the more we despair about the future of the city. he's in it with them up to his neck - and that's a bloody long way.

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely desperate for you to give this up. They log in every day and Hilton gets a report about it. They are astonished that you have carried on for so long and that there are no signs of it going away. But then they always did underestimate you, didn't they? Well done mate, you have some loyal friends here...

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that the Echo have got this leaked report and haven't reported on it?

Tony Parrish47 said...

The Echo were leaked the report by Halsall. The angle they chose to pursue in their subsequent story, but without much enthusiasm, was the identity of Tony Parrish. They did not pursue the other elements of the report, of course, as Halsall had hoped. But we have decided to highlight what the council's own report says about council information.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Interesting that the number of hits to this particular part of the site tripled yesterday when this story was posted...

diverman said...

Please continue to expose the reprehensible action of the so called members of this discredited organisation, both political and the employed. The Liverpool Echo, what has it got to hide if it will not investigate all the allegations made by Tony Parrish, not just parts of the activities of the Evil Cabal.

These individuals have forgotten that, they are the servents of the people, NOT the other way around.

The only way to clear out this Augean stable is to get out and vote in the local elections and remove the political leaders of the council and any others suspected of being implicated in this disgraceful affair

Tori Blare said...

Yes Tony, Paul Brant asked 13 questions remember?
Have you got that information yet?
Is it due to the recognition that the information had come from somewhere in the council, that makes Hilton admit you were right?
Or did he actually say Tony Parrish told the truth?
Why don't you report them to someone for not responding to your freedom of information request as they have admitted in the report to recieving 5 from you?
Who would look into that?

Tony Parrish47 said...


you could send Hilton a FOI question asking what were the FOI questions that Tony Parrish asked and when is he going to get a reply from the city council? (then i can ask about your questions, which would be asking questions about questions about questions, which would be amusing at least) frankly the council has already broken the law once on the Freedom of Information Act and has been the first local authority in the country to be taken to court. I don't think they are bothered about breaking the law since they have done it repeatedly and i don't think most councillors are that bothered either. which about sums up their moral bankruptcy. and anyway you could take all this up with Tony Parrish if you know the address of the safe house on the wirral where he is living in splendid retirement?

Tori Blare said...

It's quicker to wait until May and vote the Lib-Dems out.
That would achieve the same result.

How the Lib-dems have the cheek to lecture us on how to live and yet still allow the CABAL to get away with it all I just cannot fathom?

In all of the history of Liverpool and Merseyside Politics, this CABAL episode must be the biggest and most blatant act of corruption ever!?

I'm putting my faith in the Labour Party and Joe Anderson and Paul Brant because they have already asked many questions and Joe even reported McElhinney to the police, this to me shows that they are committed to getting to the bottom of all this and making someone accountable.

I think they WILL act on your information.

Anonymous said...

So if cover up knows its true why is he covering it up?

Whats in it for him?

Anonymous said...

Yeah right the labour Dead Sheep Party savaging the Wet Nelly Party - thats one to miss!

What did happen to them reporting Dr Dog to the police and the questions that were asked - all gone conveniently quiet I fear

Anonymous said...

Wait and see what will happen to the police report, wait and see!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff, story is linked to from the Livepool Times, and of late there are a number of Liverpool websites bravely leading the way in countering the propaganda spewed forth by 'city hall' and the creatures that lurk within.

Another Speke website is currently being held up as 'illegal', you can see it at the address below and read the allegations re the Sure Start facility.

Speke Action Website here

Another contender to stand up and say "I'm Spartacus!" is below....

Liverpool Times here

Also Sonae threats over on Indymedia Liverpool.

Liverpool Indymedia

The threats concern Catalyst Media, and a few people cited by Sonae including The Kirkby Times, Liverpool Times and a few people who have published articles. this coincides with more Sonae material going up!

Catalyst Media here>

Good luck and God bless all who stand up and speak the truth in these dishonest times.

Once again, great website, and if you ever get taken down, then click that link to the Liverpool Times and take refuge with us.

We are all literally one paragraph away from a thought crime.

Anonymous said...

We always knew you were telling the truth anyway Tony!

Tori Blare said...

Cover up has been caught!!1 Pauline Daniels from Everton asked for FOI and he ignored it, the courts warned him to give her the information and review how they have been interpreting the FOI law, and if he did not provide the woman with the information she requested, which was looking at prostitution in the Canning Street area, mainly, Were the prostitutes instructed to take their trade to Netherfield Road?
Brilliant stuff, I applaud Pauline Daniels from Everton for her insistance that she is not ignored and her insistance in getting the information she has a right to request.
There may be hope for your FOI requests???