Thursday, January 10, 2008


Still no approval for Mathew St on June 5, 2007 – the day after Lee Forde resigned

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From: Doran, Mike>

Sent: 05 June 2007 13:57>

To: Green, Chris; Harborow, Jason; Forde, Lee>

Cc: Newman, Paul>

Subject: Mathew Street Music Festival>

Importance: High>>


The Liverpool ECHO are on deadline (tomorrow) for a summer festival publication and are going to include the MSMF.

They have already spoken to bands who have been invited - but want the> official line on what is happening this year.>>

I know there's proposal - subject to approval. Do we know when this will happen?

If its not by tomorrow - are we happy for ECHO to make it up?>>

ECHO publication will hit the streets June 23.>>



Mike Doran>

News Officer>

-----Original Message-----
From: Green, Chris>

Sent: 05 June 2007 14:40>

To: Doran, Mike>

Cc: Newman, Paul; Harborow, Jason; Forde, Lee>

Subject: RE: Mathew Street Music Festival>>

Can we encourage them to take the line - 'happening over the bank holiday weekend' without mentioning time and place? This will not be formally approved till after tomorrow.>>


Chris Green>

Operations Director


Anonymous said...

The Echo always makes it up dont they?

Either that or if its bad news for their Council Cabal cohorts they just stay silent

Bogroll material that it is

Tori Blare said...

Just more of the same really.
Agree with anonymous yes the echo make it all up as they go along, or as the head of council want us to believe.

Anonymous said...

Yes the Echo make it up and the Mathew Street inquiry people chose to ignore the fact that it had not been agreed to go ahead.
Allowing Green and Harbarow to deny that this year required approval from higher up.

Any chance of new 'proper' inquiry or will we stick with the load of bollocks that came out.

If the truth had come out the Fireman would be in a better position.
Looks like the leaders inquiry stuff him straight up the *rse.

Officers Rule OK.

Anonymous said...

Your wrong guys the echo dont make it up they are too stupid for that they just do as they are told

Anonymous said...

French psychologist. Dr Paul Sollier, once noted: "Among imbeciles an ungoverned imagination is often observed. This shows itself in their love grotesque comparisons....sometimes carried to an extraordinary pitch and giving them a false air of being bright. They do not content themselves with simply denying anything of which they are accused. They invent a story quite different from the truth, to clear themselves, or throw the blame on their colleagues (and) even, when it is to their disadvantage"

I suggest they should all go and see their doctors!