Saturday, June 02, 2007


We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to provide more public funding towards the care of the elderly and vulnerable in Liverpool City.

The Liverpool City Council are £29 million pounds overspent in their budget for Capital of Culture.

The Liberal Democrat controlled Administration have insisted that the Private care providers, sign a new contract for this provision of care which equates to a 30% cut across the services, having the direct effect on the staff and the vulnerable.

The same administration has decided to cease the existence of the generic council run home care service.

This again has a direct impact on the carers and the vulnerable.

We request that the Government ensures the full budgets are released for the vulnerable and elderly citizens of Liverpool and not in the form of high wages for the senior management teams of the caring profession.


Anonymous said...

The Labour government have given the City the same funding as all other Social Service Depts around the Country. The difference is how it is spent. Liverpool spend most of it on themselves in the form of outrageous salaries.They are immoral.

Tori Blare said...

That's the point of the petition, so sign it now!

Anonymous said...

does anyone know what is happening to venmore house? the consultation period is over now...?

Anonymous said...

We need a list of the names of Councillors who voted for these appalling pay cuts.
It needs to be spread everywhere at the time of the local elections.

To think these are decent, good, hard working, Liverpool carers doing a job most people would have difficulty with.

They get paid little as it is.

Then this lot vote to cut the pay of carers who have all the usual expenses like mortgages, food, kids. …

Its you lot who need to take 30 % pay cuts. Your just ‘hangers on’ thinking your somebody…..

Councillors who cut carers pay by 30% Ugh !!!

Your turn will come around.