Thursday, December 21, 2006

Caption Competition - Win a new £17,000 roof to keep the bird shit off your motor. 2nd Prize - a free bus pass for your kids to go to school.


Anonymous said...

Bloke with hat on: "We can push them both in, once they stop digging a hole for each other."

Anonymous said...

And to think this spade only cost £1,424,265.00. Just put it through as expenses

Tori Blare said...

Storey... We can use this to cover up all the fraud and corruption we have created together oh sir big dithery doddery whom I adore!

Dithery Doddery...AHA Yes indeed oh faithful servant. Then I will shove you in it, my dutyful DOG will savage you and my smiling assassin will laugh at you publicly..AHAAAAA

Police men .... Oh shit how are we going to cover this one up now??

Anonymous said...

Cop at back to his mate: "It's a pity for Liverpool that these two didn't call a spade a spade a long time ago."

Anonymous said...

Storey... Do you think this spade is big enough for Colin Hilton to use in his cover up???

Henshaw... Who gives a shit, I will be long gone by then mate

Policeman 1 .... The people of LIVERPOOL give a shite.

Policeman 2... But they will still get away with it, lets just smack em with this spade and be done with it.

Henshaw... I have shredded it all you silly man hahahahahaha

Storey... Oh no please don't hurt him, take me instead, just leave my little gonk in the cute cuban heels alone!

Policeman 1 God you are a yellow bellied little wretch of a man, yes lets just smack em both now!?

Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight to Storey: You just do as i tell you and we'll get along just fine.

Storey: ooh you are awful but i do like you.

Policeman 1: That does it i am getting a new job with Liverpool Direct.

Policeman 2: You dont need to, havent you heard? They are taking us over next month as well They are going to stiff the ratepayers for £300K a busy per year for the next 10 years

Anonymous said...

Henshaw.. With this shovel I do pledge to cause as much trouble for this dick head next to me and the two idiots behind me can't do a thing about it ahahaha

Anonymous said...

The hole we've been digging needs a bigger shovel.