Monday, November 06, 2006

"I av neveeeer seen a man as gross and stuupide as thise Marbororow personne in all my life..."

INSPECTOR CLUE-LESS has been getting his knickers in a twist over the blog's revelations about his bumbling private detective work.
Apparently a panic-stricken Marbrow asked for urgent meetings with Council Leader Warren Bradley and Councillor Mike Storey about the blog's latest revelations.
In particular, he wanted to know how the blog knew about his meeting with Bradley in which the council leader told him to halt his one-man hunt for legendary blogger, Tony Parrish.
Marbrow accused both Bradley and Storey of being in cahoots with the blog.
And, puffing himself up to his full 22-stone girth and summoning up all his self-important pomposity, Clueless demanded to know how Bradley's words had been so accurately reported here.
(He really is a complete thick-head, isn't he folks? Has the penny still not dropped with him? ed)
The response of both Bradley and Storey is not known. (But we can guess, ed)
Marbrow is said to be furious that he has been fingered for helping Colin 'Cover-up' Hilton and fellow evil cabalists, Halsall and McElhinney to avoid the long arm of the law.
Relations in the Marbrow household, between Clueless and his blushing new bride, have also suffered as a result, we can reveal interestingly.
(What, she's rationing his pizzas to one a day?, ed)
Marbrow is also going around (incorrectly and wildly) speculating about the author of the last posting about him. (He is such a gullible fool, ed)
Marbrow is meanwhile still busily commandeering computers to vote for himself in our 'do the people of Kensington deserve better than Clueless?' poll (right).
Apparently he thinks it is amazingly clever of him to vote 'no' to this, not understanding how this demonstrates a complete lack of respect for Kensington voters. (Which they will repay in spades come next May, ed)
It seems he has no friends who will vote for him.
These are the titans leading our city, folks....


Tori Blare said...

dicki marrabone said,
Mummy I want bitty!

Anonymous said...

He is such a gob shite....

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for May!!!!!

Tori Blare said...

Getting the people out to vote is the problem, lets hope Labour get workers out campaigning and leafletting the area, making sure people understand the issues and how they can make a difference by using their vote on election day.
Anyone who voted Lib-Dem last time should be shown just what they voted for and if they vote for Lib-Dem again?
Well they have only themselves to blame, for the corruption they will be voting in favour of.

Anonymous said...

Dick Marbrow is on the board of Liverpool Direct, is he not, slated by KPMG for wasting (diverting) millions and disguising costs to the council?

Wasn't LDL set up and run by David McKillKenny, the very man who screwed Kensington's One Stop Shop, robbing Marbrow's constituents of their regen cash to pay for Chas Cole's posh offices at the 08 Place (run by, er...David McKillKenny's Liverpool Direct)?

The least Marbrow could do is resign his place on the LDL Board for allowing such a series of expensive disasters on his watch.

If he has a shred of honour he'll resign his seat too, before he gets booted in the ballots.

Tony Parrish47 said...

Couldn't agree more. But the silence will be deafening, you bet...

Anonymous said...

At the recent Newsham Park Working Party Cllr Marbrow launched into a tirade against me for printing a comment upon your blog site
I told it that I believed in Freedom of Speech and my comments I stood by
Marbrow then asked if I was responsible for your blog site or knew who was behind it.
I replied I did not care my comments made were true reasonable and fair.
He then lost its temper and lashed out I should be careful who I associated.
I replied considering his party's track record of poison pen letters to my previous employers, the purely coincidentasl petrol bombs to my car during election weeks folwoing threats aboiut we will seek out and destroy anyone who did not support the merged party, and more than a few dishonest attempts to frame me I think he should listen to his own advise
How that guy has the cheek to comment about association bearing in mind his fellow LIb dem Clllrs homophobic comments which I could not print even on this bl;ogsite
Feel free to publish

Anonymous said...

Cllr Marbrow will stand or fall by his record in delivering regeneration in Kensington. Chances not looking to good last time I drove up Prescot Road.

Anonymous said...

Good bye and good riddance

Anonymous said...

9 years as a councillor and nobody who lives in Kensington would know him in the street.

The Invisible Man

He doesnt even attend his own ward surgeries, but leaves Cllr Doran to do them all.

There is a five pound prize to be claimed for the first person who sees him on the streets or meets him on a doorstep.